Viewpoints, nature playground, hiking trails....

Come out and get some fresh air in our beautiful nature and come out to our local community and experience the many unique gems.

In Limfjordslandet there are plenty of scenic experiences and unique places where there is plenty of room for everyone.

Get inspired here!


Golf, cycling & walking holidays

Give yourself time to enjoy Mors with one of our wonderful holiday stays, or try one of our exciting package tours. Regardless, you are guaranteed a good experience at Mors.

Go fishing

Good places to fish

Mors' coasts also offer magnificent nature and plenty of space to explore. The Limfjord is made for angling, but not many people know that! A star line of Denmark's best sea trout streams supplies the fjord with a large number of fish. You can catch fish anywhere in the fjord!


Museums, cultural events & much more

Nature, stories, fun and entertainment. Mors is probably a small island, but rich in experiences